As a full service provider, Euro Centra offers the following service:

· We have more than 20 years' experience in Asia under our belt. During this period we have developed real partnerships
  with our Asian vendor base.
·  We have worked with some of our vendors for more than 15 years. We regard them as the backbone of our business.
· Since buying streams are changing constantly, our product managers work non-stop to open up new and promising sources.
  As a service company pure and simple, we are flexible enough to look continuously for the best suppliers
   throughout the Asian region.

Product Development
· Price is only one aspect of competition. Increasingly, differentiation and creativity are proving to be major advantages
  for our customer base.  In cooperation with our vendors, we carve ourselves a distinctive position with new and unique
· We cooperate with independent, innovative product designers in the fields of hard goods and textiles.
· As part of the Wünsche Group, we have the advantage of knowing what the market needs and can transfer that knowledge
  from the most creative markets.
  > OEM Development

· Our day-to-day communication with customers and suppliers gives us a profound understanding of what our customers need.
· Our skilled specialists monitor and guide sampling and production processes.
· Our specialist staff monitor the safety aspects of our products.
· Technical support.

· We act as agent as well as principal if required.
· We negotiate prices on behalf of our customers if desired.
· We finance the transaction if required.

· Quality is the key to our business as we understand it. It encompasses communication and service quality as well as
  product planning and product quality assurance. There are several measures that we implement to guarantee high-quality
  > Initial Production Check
  > During Production Check
  > Final Random Inspection
  > Loading Supervision
  > AQL - general explanations

Production Planning
· We plan and propose suppliers' timeframes to customers.

Factory Evaluation
· We select our vendors to reflect the individual needs of our customers. Before we make our selection, each of the plants
  in question is subjected to a stringent evaluation.
  > Factory Audit

Social Compliance Audits
· We cooperate with independent auditors and, if required, conduct our own audits to ensure that standards are met.

Shipping Coordination
· We handle all the paper and documentation work during the ordering process.
· We negotiate highly competitive freight rates on behalf of our customers.